Strain Flavor: Butter

West OG

A heavy-handed indica, West OG descends from the famous Chemdawg and a backcrossed Humboldt. West OG’s fluffy, purple-hued buds release a musky diesel aroma reminiscent of the long line of OG s...

Wally OG

Wally OG, said to be a Ghost OG and Phantom OG cross, is an indica-dominant hybrid with potent full-body effects.

Ultra Banana

Ultra Banana is a delicious, sleep-inducing cross of MK Ultra and Banana Kush. MK Ultra possesses strong indica-dominant genetics, including OG Kush and G13, which are amplified by the sweet and flora...


UW is a marijuana strain that comes with its own superhero origin story. Popular rumor has it that a clone plant was stolen from a certain Pacific Northwest university’s medical resear...

Red Widow

Red Widow is a hybrid cross of Red Dragon and White Widow that produces an uplifting, euphoric high and sweet fruity aromas. 


R-4, also known as Cindy’s Solution, is a CBD-dominant strain with exceptional therapeutic benefits. With a THC/CBD ratio of 1:40, R-4 sits firmly in the medical category, catering to consumers...

Popcorn Kush

One of the lesser-known strains, many misassociate this indica-dominant hybrid with the “popcorn buds” used to describe poorer quality cannabis harvested towards the bottom of the plant....

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