White Widow – Hybrid

White Widow is among one of the most famous strains worldwide!


White Widow is a well-balanced hybrid capable of stoking creativity as well as relaxing your body. This strain has an average THC percentage of 16%, delivering its effects quickly and efficiently. Since this is mainly a THC strain, there is no relevant amount of CBD to measure.


White Widow has 3 main terpenes in it’s system:

1. Myrcene. One of the most common terpenes in cannabis. Myrcene gives the cannabis a herbal/earthy scent.
2. Caryophyllene. Another common terpene in the cannabis world. Caryophyllene gives a peppery scent and is also believed to have some anti-inflammatory benefits.
3. Limonene. A citrus-scented terpene commonly recognized as having anti-anxiety and stress relief benefits.
To learn more on terpenes, visit our Basics of Cannabis page

Growth Difficulty: Easy

Fully flowered

Height: Medium

Indoor Yield: 18 Ounces per square meter

Outdoor Yield: 21 Ounces per plant

Where To Buy

White Widow is available on ocs.ca for $9.74/gram.

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