Where Do I Get My Seeds?

Cannabis Seeds in Canada

I think by now we all know that Canadian adults are permitted to purchase seeds and clones to grow up to four plants in their residence (not per person at in the residence), with the exception of Quebec and Manitoba, which don’t permit home cultivation.

We’d Share is a big supporter of the legal home cultivation of cannabis. We believe that there’s no better way to connect learn and develop a deep understanding of the plant. And because you know everything that went into growing your plants you can be confident of the quality and ensure you always have access to the supply you need.

But in order to grow, you’re obviously going to need some seeds. Ironically, this first step in your journey may very well be the most challenging obstacle during your growing journey. Why? Ask yourself, where can I legally acquire the seeds that I need?

Do a Google search and you’re going to find a good variety of seeds banks to purchase from. Some position themselves as selling adult novelties and therefore claim that buying from them is totally legal but is that actually the case? Unfortunately, the answer is, no.

Currently, there are only two provinces that sell seeds from their government-run cannabis stores. In Ontario, you can go to www.ocs.ca but last I checked you’d be lucky to find 2 different strains in stock. Alberta’s government cannabis selling website www.albertacannabis.org has now also put Tweed seeds on sale but at the time of writing blog, there were no seeds in stock. This makes home cultivation a challenge, to say the least.

Our advice, try not to be discouraged with the current situation, availability is going to get better with demand. Keep checking in with your online stores and ask your newly approved retail locations to bring in seed inventory. Buy what you can when you can and just GET GROWING!

As always, we want to hear from you. This industry is changing by the hour and if you know of any other seed sources that we haven’t mentioned here, please share!

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