Payload Bags (Bubble Hash)


5 Gallon 4 Bag Kit w/ 24″ x 16” Pressing Screen

Payload BagsTM is dedicated to providing the industries highest quality multi-use filtration kits. Payload filtration kits allow you to safely and efficiently separate the valuable rosin that plants naturally secrete, without the use of chemicals. Kits are available in 4-bag or 9-bag configurations, in either 5 gallon or 32 gallon sizes. Payload also offers 25 micron pressing screens, which can be used by simply wrapping your flower, hash or kief in the bag before applying heat to separate the oil from the cannabis material.

5 Gallon 4-Bag Kit includes:
220u burgundy bag, 90u blue bag, 73u pink bag, 25u red bag and one 24′′×16′′ pressing Screen

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