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  • Sean posted an update 1 year, 1 month ago

    Plants are growing very tall but not a lot of leaves. Not sure why.
    • Online searches say they need more light…. hmmm. Well, they are in the window right now. See if that helps them.
      • That’s our thought too. They’re stretching for light. Bury deeper and do your best to keep them is a much light as possible.
        • How many days are your plants?
          • To increase the amount of light, you either need to get stronger grow lights (what grow lights work for growing cannabis?), or move your current grow light closer to your plants.

            Some growers bury the extra stem to make seedlings short again, which works, but as long as you start giving your seedling light it will do a “push up” and rise back up, strengthening its stem in the process! Here’s what to do right away…

            • 4 days in soil. 2 days in those pots.
              • Thanks. Think I read the same website lol. I’ve got them directly in front of the window and see what they do. Will plant deeper into their “forever” pots. Should be okay.
                • Another site…Gasp!! lol just kidding these a bunch of places to get some good info. Share away, that’s what we’re all about!
                  • The more info the better!