Growing Cannabis Outside – 10 Really Easy Steps

Grow Cannabis Outside

Cannabis is legal in Canada and the growing season is fast approaching. If you’re like me, you’re curious about growing your own cannabis. If you’re like me it’s got to be done outside because whether it’s your wife, husband, or parents, you’re never going to get the go-ahead to grow indoors and for me, if I’m honest with myself, I really don’t want the smell permitting my home either.

Ok. So we’ve decided to grow the four plants that we’re now allowed to grow outside but now what? Where to start? Fire up the old Google machine and you’ll find a massive number of “how’s to’s” and even a few “easy to grow guides” which are never easy enough for me and make my eye’s roll back in my head.

Come on, is it really that hard to grow this stuff?!

I made it my mission to distill all the information out there and condense that information down to the 10 essential steps you NEED to know to get growing cannabis outside.

  1. Geography – Canada? Good enough. Done!
  2. Pick a spot – South facing in the best
  3. Pick a strain and buy the seeds
  4. Germinate the seeds
  5. Transfer the seedling to a growing medium
  6. Once big enough move your plants outside
  7. Keep a close look for issues
  8. Trim a few of the leaves along the way
  9. Harvest
  10. Dry
  11. Cure and Store

I did this last year and honestly, I was surprised how easy it was to grow cannabis… the stuff really does grow like a weed on its own! Could that be where the nickname came from? Hmmm? There are some tips and tricks that I found along the way but those only serve to make the whole process even easier not more complicated.

If after looking at that top 10 you’d like to join me on my journey to growing my crop this year I’d love to have you along for the ride. Maybe we can even help one another to grow a better product along the way. Let’s get a head start on growing cannabis outside!

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