10 Easy Steps to Growing Cannabis Inside

indoor grow setup
indoor grow setup

Growing outside is awesome.  You can grow cheap and you can grow big BIG.  However, growing outside in Canada does have a few obvious drawbacks.  First, is the length of time it takes grow from sow to mow.  Typically, an outdoor grow in Canada starts with the germination of your seeds in March and ends with the harvest in October. Second, since it takes about half the year to grow and you can only grow outside half the year, that means just one harvest per calendar year. A third big draw back is the lack privacy.  Most of us live in close proximity to others making it easy for prying eyes (and noses) to discover your private crop.  If the wrong people discover what you’re doing, you could run the risk of theft and the loss of all your hard work. For many, these issues are easily managed. For others, it means outdoor growing isn’t an option and growing inside is the only solution. Growing inside takes a little more planning and with the need to purchase equipment, it can feel intimidating for some.  If this is you, take a deep breath, follow these 10 easy steps, and you’ll be growing inside in no time! 

1) Find your growing space – Height and ability to ventilate are key here

2)  Determine your budget

Budget DIY – Under $200

All in One Kit – $500 to $1000

3) Build out you space – DIY or Kit

4) Choose your soil 

5) Make sure you’ve got your fertilizers handy

6) Pick your strain and buy your seeds or clones

7) Germinate your seeds and Plant your clones

8) Look at me mom, I’m growing!

9) Harvest Your Cannabis

10) Dry and make sure to cure your cannabis to a uniform 68% humidity

Of course if you’ve got the cash, there’s also the option of buying a smart grow cabinet. For a few grand you can simply your indoor grow down to 3 steps. Pick your seeds, plant and harvest

Smart Grow Cabinets $2000+

  • Complete turn solution
  • Purchase Manufacture specific nutrients may be required
  • Cabinet makers to check out: Grobo, Grass & Grain Co., and Seedo

What ever option you choose, there’s no questions in my mind that you’ll find growing your own cannabis extremely fulfilling and rewarding.  No more dilly dallying, it’s time to start growing. 

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