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    The One Product That Will Save You Plenty Of Headaches This Growing Season

    Tomas Azzano Feb.9, 2021

    Fungus gnats… I’m sure you’ve heard of these pesky little insects or have experienced an infestation of them at one point in your growing career. If you haven’t, then you’re extremely lucky, or you’re withholding some valuable secrets from the rest of the growing community (shame on you!).

    Fungus gnats are small fly-like insects which feed on fungi growing in the soil of your plants. During this feeding they will reproduce by laying eggs within the soil and these eggs will hatch after a short period of time producing larvae. These larvae feed on the organic material of the plant and will develop into adults after a short period of time. This reproduction cycle occurs quickly and can result in an infestation.

    Luckily not all hope has been lost! Nematodes have been used in the agricultural industry over the last decade for these issues and have been studied extensively as there is a broad range of applications for these roundworms. Nematodes can be used to eliminate insect problems in household plants, gardens, lawns, and other agricultural applications making them quite useful for any type of grower.

    Pot PopperTM produced by The Environmental Factor Inc. contains beneficial nematodes encapsulated in alginate and have been proven to be very effective for fungus gnat control. As stated by the Muck Crop Research Station at the University of Guelph:

    “Soil that was treated with Pot PopperTM alginate pearls prior to planting were taller and had higher root and shoot weights than control groups which used Citation Insecticide.”

    Click here to view the entire report

    There is no need to complicate the care taking of your plants. Use this product when you plant next and save yourself the headache. That extra time saved can be used for another trip to your local garden center (because you can never have too many plants!).

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