The world's first free cannabis network

At We’d Share we’re creating a one-of-a-kind place that represents the unique awesomeness of the cannabis community. We’d Share is a network of cannabis home growers, industry leaders and enthusiasts who want to share their experiences, knowledge, and yes, even a little weed with one another.  We’d Share believes that by empowering free sharing we can all help develop a deeper understanding of cannabis, foster positive social change, and heck, maybe even make the world a better place.  We’re launching in Canada and we’d love for you to join us.


We’d share facilitates the connections and engagement of the cannabis community.  From certified government producers, to the legal home grower, from the experienced user to the cannabis newbie,  We’d Share is a supportive community for everyone. It’s a platform for the free exchange of everything cannabis. Whether you have an intense passion for cannabis or are just curious to learn more about the plant. If you’ve ever wanted to be part of a movement larger than yourself, something that can be fun and have a real positive impact on society. We’d Share is the community for you.


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